The dunes

gemeente castricum

The dunes near Castricum

The North Holland Dune Reserve is one of the largest nature areas in the country. The area stretches for about 20 kilometers and is on average 2.5 kilometers wide. It covers an area of 5,300 hectares and extends from Wijk aan Zee to Bergen. This dune area can be found near the holiday homes of DW Castricum.

The dunes are a paradise for nature lovers, a beautiful area teeming with life. It is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, thanks to its vastness and diverse vegetation. The varying height, moisture, and limestone content have also contributed to a great diversity of species in the dunes.

Each season has its own beautiful characteristics. In spring, shrubs like elderberry, bird cherry, and hawthorn are in full bloom. Many flowers can be seen, attracting numerous butterflies. Nature and the animal world come alive again. In autumn, many birds migrate, but there are still plenty of different bird species to admire. The winter silence is particularly beautiful in the dunes and along the beaches.

It is a wonderful place for hiking and cycling, with nearly 50 marked walking routes. This is the perfect way to explore the diverse dune and forest area in Castricum and its surroundings. The Dutch Railways (NS) has also created a beautiful route starting from Castricum station, which can be found here.

In addition to the many walking routes, cycling in the dunes is also a delight. There are over 100 kilometers of paved cycling paths, allowing cyclists to enjoy the unique variety of the dune landscape. The dune areas are part of the cycling junction network, which also allows you to visit the adjacent polders and the entire North Holland region.

Finally, you can enjoy horse riding in the rolling dunes and adjacent forests. There is an extensive network of bridle paths. If you want to get a glimpse of the dunes from your seat, visit the Diax website. Here, you can select different locations and enjoy the beautiful surroundings in advance.

All of this is located near the recreational park of DW Castricum. For more information and details about the possibilities, feel free to contact us.